Welcome to the website for the Spelling Drill iphone application. We hope you find it useful and fun to use. If you need a little help, detailed directions are below. To contact the Developer, please e-mail: info@myspellingdrill.com


This is a way to help kids study high frequency, everyday words. You specify the level they study and the words within that level. The child sees the word for 3 seconds and then it will disappear. He/She will see the blank lines reviewed. which require the child to type the word just reviewd. Once the practice session is compleded, a test may be taken to see how well the child did the exercise just completed. You may set up multiple users at various levels. Scores from tests are saved for your review. Take advantage of 'dead time' like when driving to activities or waiting for appointments. Let your child use that time to review some spelling words!

Add User:

Press "Settings"

press "+"
Press "Add" after you have added the user name
Press "Back" to get to the Settings Menu screen.
"ADD/DELETE Exercise"
Press "+"
to set the level
Choose your level and press "Done"
You should see your test/exercise name. Highlight your chosen test/exercise and press "Words"
Choose the words you would like to add to this test/exercise. Press "done" then "back" to return to the main menu screen

How to Use Spelling Drills

Choose the user which you have previously entered.